I'm sure some of you are aware of the Allmoxy software that creates all your paperwork from order input and now even from 3d Design.
Everything from cabinet cut lists to shipping invoices. (this is not a sales pitch) It really is quite an amazing tool.

I've been working with the software on my own trying to find out if it would work for us as we are a custom cabinet manufacturer and with more dealers coming on board all the time, we need to cut down on our administration time.

My question is I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other software that works this way?

We have an excel based pricing form, however it's quite difficult to create lists and forms that pull information from data that is inputted.
I've thought about trying microsoft access but that is a totally different language to learn.
Anyone have any knowledge on this?
Oh, my main reason for looking elsewhere is Allmoxy incurs a fairly hefty monthly charge for just trying to make something work which could take me a year or more to get running.