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Pascal Metals Valley Sawmills - Anyone own One?

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  • Pascal Metals Valley Sawmills - Anyone own One?

    I'm researching sawmills. From the pictures and feature list, these appear to be built better than their competitors.

    Anyone have experience with a mill from Pascal Metals?
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    Re: Pascal Metals Valley Sawmills - Anyone own One?

    I'm not sure about "better built". I'm not saying they aren't, but there's a difference "better built and "more features". I own a Gilbert built mill, known as a Champion. Mine has few of the "features" that are advertised on the Pascal mills, and cost more twelve years ago than the Pascal mills sell for today. However, after several tens of thousands of board feet over those twelve years (not worked too hard as a hobby mill), I have yet to do any actual repairs, the maintenance has been regular and minimal, and the first actual alignment I have had to do was this week and even that was pretty straightforward. I think the best way to decide is to go and look at them, and when you go, take with you a well thought out idea of what your objectives are and what your needs and wants are. Note: "needs" and "wants" are not the same.... "Auto-this" and "auto that" may sound nice, but sometimes they get in the way of what you need. This week I cut a trailer load of cedar for a guy who is building a cedar lined ice fishing hut. He wanted it all rough at 5/8". Does the auto-set on the Pascal mill accommodate unusual board thicknesses? That's the sort of odd request you'll run into.

    Anyway ... I'm not dissing this brand. I'd never heard of it before you posted. All I am saying is that sometimes fewer features is not a bad thing and that more features doesn't necessarily mean "better quality".

    cheers, good luck !!
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      Re: Pascal Metals Valley Sawmills - Anyone own One?

      Thanks, John. I'll take a close look at all makes before I decide.

      Here's a video on Pascals Big Red