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  • Virtual Wood Club Nights, the people who brought the 'brick and mortar' woodworking shows are delivering a series of virtual wood shows. Starting this month they are hosting a "Virtual Wood Club Nights". Talented woodworkers will be speaking nightly at 7:30 PM EST about all things woodworking. Nights are themed to: Carving Tuesday, Workshop Wednesday, and Turning Thursday. Attend LIVE workshops to learn new skills and network. The first round of virtual shows are on January 19, 20, 21, 2021.

    For more information visit

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    Re: Virtual Wood Club Nights

    Hey, Carl,

    I took in a few of the Virtual Wood Club sessions and was impressed by what was shown. So much so in fact, that I decided to be a presenter. My first session will be held on Wednesday the 27th of January, starting at 7:30PM. The title should give you a good idea on what it's about: "Why Spray Finishes Instead of Finishing by Hand and How Much Does It Cost?"

    Carl, one thing you didn't mention is that if you belong to a woodworking club of any type (carving, turning, furniture making, etc.) it's free to see any of these virtual sessions if your club signs up. And it doesn't cost your club anything to do so. All they have to do sign up is to give the club's name, email address and number of members. The Woodshows folks will send the link permission info to the club's email address, which the club can then send along to its members. Members then use that link permission info to sign on the night of the event. Now how's that for a great deal?

    All the best,


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      Re: Virtual Wood Club Nights

      Thanks for pointing that out Marty. So if you're club hasn't signed up now is the time to do so. The link to register your club is:


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        Re: Virtual Wood Club Nights

        Apparently, I was not the only GHWG member who could not access Thursday night's demo.

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