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  • Progressing

    Well here is some of the stuff ive made latley with some beautiful properly dried wood i got from The Turning Point here in Northern Ontario.
    i am fairly happy wih my progress and this wood sure is pretty. The two simple cups are large leaf maple and im not really sure what the other was that the goblet and shoblet are made from.
    Thanks for looking!
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    Re: Progressing

    Hi Egin, you found some nicer wood to turn, that Goblet is spalted Beech, quite nice wood a bit plain when not spalted, and a wood that does move more than most when turned green and then dried.

    Your edges and the curve are still pretty rough, and course sandpaper is not going to rescue that, so you have some way to go, but keep on turning and try to get a better surface off of the tool, cutting tool are better than scrapers for this, cutting downhill with spindle like wood but even with crossgrain turning, cutting direction does make a difference,

    Here are two pictures (I divided the original mohave it show better) it shows the black arrows giving a better cut than the red arrows, it is the direction that makes the difference.

    I know it is not easy to get it all right, I was in your boots also, but perseverance will get you there, Cheers
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    Have fun and take care
    Leo Van Der Loo