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  • Issues

    Issues ive had during this learning process.
    my bigest issue thus far is for sure being able to hold high alchohol content in a cup.
    i do not yet have a solution. Everything seems to fail.
    cheers and enjoy my mistakes haha
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    Re: Issues

    always keep it full!!
    my shop is a beaver lodge
    steve, sarnia, ont

    1940's Craftmaster Lathe


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      Re: Issues

      Tylor it is, sorry I forgot.

      Turn without a catch, yes it will be a while before you can turn without them, but yes you can.

      Splitting, yes endgrain turning will give you this, especially when the wood is not really dry, a much thinner wall helps a lot, but the bottom will still be a problem, the same thing happens when turning boxes, both top and bottom can split and then also the fit of the top part to the bottom part.

      So yes dry wood and thinner walls will help, nice smooth edges not sharp and especially with small splits in them, sealing the wood and letting that cure long enough, I use CA, then some luck and you got a winner.

      Have fun and take care
      Leo Van Der Loo


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        Re: Issues

        Unless you have a really good, impermeable finish, be sure to use a closed-cell wood (don't use red oak or beech)...and quite dry to start.
        Alternatively, if you are going to use a sealer/finish of some sort (which would mean you're not getting any additional wood flavors from the cup) then you might as well make a glass-lined cup or a snifter with a glass bowl but wooden stem and base.