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Strange wood defect

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  • Strange wood defect

    Click image for larger version

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    This is a piece of ash wood.
    The tree was felled this winter.
    And there were two holes like this one in the trunk.
    Holes are almost perfectly straight and vertical.
    No signs of metal, soil or any insect residu.
    The holes are at the edge of the darker wood. Sonvery far from the surface of the tree.

    A member of LaMortaise reports seing this from time to time in maple wood. Always in the dark portion of the trunk.

    Anyone has an idea of the source of this defect?
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    Re: Strange wood defect

    Oh, the hole is a bit bigger than a pencil.
    the size of my little finger.


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      Re: Strange wood defect

      I think what you got is the Carpenterworm, it is large and keeps the tunnel clear, so no frass to be found like with most other worms/borers.

      It does attack other tree species also, I link here to a write up from US gov. USDA

      Have fun and take care
      Leo Van Der Loo


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        Re: Strange wood defect

        Very interesting.
        I guess after the bug is out, the near horizontal part of the hole heals like maple trees heal from sugar tapping.
        The tree grows and grows and the vertical part ends up in the heartwood.