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New Record Coronet Herald Lathe

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  • New Record Coronet Herald Lathe

    Stockroom Supply is close by for a lot of my turning supplies so when Ethan asked if I would try out the new Record lathe I was flattered. However my first impressions were not favourable so I asked if I could do a private tryout first. My mind was changed and so I agreed to take part in the video shoot.
    You can watch it here.
    For pricing and other info here's the Stockroom link where you will also find the Record chucks.
    Full disclosure: I was not paid or rewarded in any way and have no connections to Stockroom other than a happy customer.
    I will be pushing this lathe to the max size limit in the next couple of weeks and I'll update as I proceed. I'm also presenting at the GHWG along with Ethan on Nov 14
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    Re: New Record Coronet Herald Lathe

    Thanks again to you and Marv for testing it out! I figured you were a great person to test it as I know you are not afraid to speak your mind haha.
    I'm excited to see how it handles the large pieces on the outboard.
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