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  • Pen for hunter

    Small order. Click image for larger version

Name:	00000IMG_00000_BURST20200503085840728_COVER.jpg
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    Re: Pen for hunter

    You're a hunter.
    Did you make it for yourself?
    Nice, again, Jacques.


    "Being so impressed with the beauty of nature, I never cease to be amazed at how the
    'touch of the human hand' can transform it into another kind of beauty that is so uniquely human.

    John Snow, Outdoorsman and Retired Teacher


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      Re: Pen for hunter

      Merci Noel and Yup I am a Moose hunter, but those are not for me, it is an order for a customer. (My moose territory is about five minutes drive from my residence and we get a moose and sometimes two every year. lol.. I even sometimes have moose on my property, last year I had three in front of my patio the friday before the hunt started, (drove Sophie up the wall lol) but I don't shoot anything on my property .
      Have a nice week


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        Re: Pen for hunter

        Look great!!!! I have made both those models for hunters with moose and deer antler and they look really cool.


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          Re: Pen for hunter

          Very nice. I made two pens out of moose antler for my niece and nephew. The antler was from the last moose their dad ( my brother) killed before he died from cancer. I was with him when he shot the moose. I did a little write up about the hunt and included it in the pen case. They were moved and very appreciative of the gift.
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