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    I am new to the world of woodturing and really appreciate help regarding issues I may have with turning , now
    I have a fresh cut log of poplar that is 5" in diameter by 20" long , I want to turn it to a table leg without taking off the pith/heart wood, so
    is the drying process will be the same as for larger pieces intended for bowl turning ( like doing the rough turning and then keep it for a couple of months in a paper bag )
    , is there a way I can speed up the process and get a finished piece and ready to go within weeks but not months , thanks
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    Re: Poplar log

    Can't see this ending without a crack in the finished piece. The reason this works for bowl turners is because the walls of the bowl are thin and the bowl can dry evenly. With a spindle turning you can't make the piece evenly thin and it will crack no matter what you do with it. Table legs that I've turned have always been glued up boards (that got painted) or solid pieces cut away from the pith. 5" isn't that big, you should be able to find a poplar where you can get that from one side of the tree.


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      Re: Poplar log

      James has given you the answer but wood is one of those variable, natural things and sometimes you just might get away with it but don't count on it.

      General rule: Pith = Crack and this also applies to where limbs meet the trunk as well especially larger limbs.

      You can Google boiling to speed up drying but it likely will only cut time in half. Microwave is another method but your piece probably won't fit in most ovens (maybe??).