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Delta 23-710 Sharpening Centre

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  • Delta 23-710 Sharpening Centre

    I picked up an old Delta 23-710 Sharpening Centre a while ago from a neighbour. Its very sold and smooth running. Considering it was free I thought it was a steal! However, it seems pretty clear many of the OEM Parts are not available. Anyone aware of aftermarket replacement wheels for these units?

    The dry wheel is 125mm x 50mm x 12.7mm bore. So basically a 5" x 2" x 1/2" bore. I can't find anyone who makes a wheel in this size.

    The dry wheel I have is still sound but worn down a bit with some minor grooves. Also one of the edges was been rounded over a bit somehow. probably some miss-use by someone along the way. Maybe I just need to re-dress it but I've never done that before? Would I need a white dressing stone to match the wheel colour?

    This is what it looks like but its just an example picture I found online. Unfortunately mine is missing the water cup at the top....which is also not available anywhere but I can work around that.

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    Re: Delta 23-710 Sharpening Centre

    Welcome to the world of Delta, the issue with Delta parts is not uncommon although to be fair the older any tool gets, the harder it is to find parts but the brand name of Delta isn't the Delta of old.
    Can't help you with the parts but the wheel dressing is usually done with diamond dressers. Here are Lee Valley offerings but they aren't the only game in town.

    Search - Lee Valley Tools


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      Re: Delta 23-710 Sharpening Centre

      Thanks for the feedback.