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For New Turners and Some not-so-new Turners

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  • For New Turners and Some not-so-new Turners

    I've noticed some posts by new turners which included they were going to give away their turned items as gifts.
    While this isn't as exciting as turning the wood I've come to realize that maintaining a log of what things you made and who you gave them to will save you a tremendous amount of head scratching later on wondering you already gave uncle Fred a pen or what was the finish.
    Write down how a piece was finished and other comments such as dates, origin of wood, problems, etc. And these days it is very easy to take a picture and it doesn't have to be a gallery quality picture, just one that shows the shape and size - put a ruler or known object such as a pop can in with the item.
    Like most ideas of collecting data the difficult part is ensuring that you do it!
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    Re: For New Turners and Some not-so-new Turners

    I started doing that about 15 years ago, or so.
    I'm up to about project 600.
    And my 'inventory' is getting quite small, so I'm going to get back at it after a month off.
    Silent auction items for the foodbank and for the curling club are set to start.
    Just need the incentive....

    "Being so impressed with the beauty of nature, I never cease to be amazed at how the
    'touch of the human hand' can transform it into another kind of beauty that is so uniquely human.

    John Snow, Outdoorsman and Retired Teacher


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      Re: For New Turners and Some not-so-new Turners

      Great idea Bill . It also helps to look back and realize the rubbish one was once proud of is now an embarrassment and one might wish one had asked for a critique earlier and consigned it to firewood .


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        Re: For New Turners and Some not-so-new Turners

        I have had relatives give me gifts of things they've made. Some were OK, some were not. While I do appreciate the thought, I feel obligated to keep the ones I don't like or want and display them. So because I don't want anyone feeling the same way about my stuff, the only unsolicited turnings I give away are spin tops to children. I'll only give other stuff to people who ask for them. Other than that I sell my turnings. I know that if they're willing to part with money to get them that they like and want them.
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