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  • Student Work - Gallery

    Hi Everyone,

    Students, whether in public school, high school, or beyond, are doing great work in Canada. The sad thing is that not many people get to see the student's work, or hear about the students who completed the project. I thought it would be nice if we shared some photos and info about student woodworking projects in this thread.

    Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine delivers many 1000's of copies of each of our issues to school shops across the country. All of these issues have special back covers that relate to students. We would like to pull from this thread from time to time, and include photos and information of someone's work.

    Share this with your friends and family, as there are many kids out there taking wood shop classes, that would love to share their successes.

    Please post a photo or two below, along with the following information:

    Student's Name
    School Name
    City, Prov
    Title of Piece
    Hardest Part of the Build

    Thanks very much!
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    Rob Brown
    Editor - Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement
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