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Table Saw Tax Upgrade

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  • Table Saw Tax Upgrade

    Late year year I briefly considered replacing my General 350 with a 5 HP - 36" SawStop ICS, which at the time was $5,804.00 plus tax, not including the inevitable accessories (mobile base, etc.) that improve usability. It would have been a huge financial burden, and with the new price on this model sitting at $6,630.00, financial reality has come to rest. Wanting my cake and to eat it to, I thought I would stretch rational thought just a bit and use the tax I would have paid on the new saw with the basic accessories, which adds up to around $860.00, to do a major refurbishment on my existing General. This will include new bearings, new drive belts, having the top and extensions wings surface ground, and adding a Bench Dog cast iron router table top from Rockler to the right hand side. I'll also build a mobile base for the whole thing, as I plan to cut down the rails, as I use a track saw for all sheet stock. Although the virtual tax fund won't cover all of it, I'll also build a combination outfeed/tracksaw cutting table that incorporates internal storage and other features.

    Who would have thought taxes could be so inspirational .....

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