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Sourcing General Int'l replacement parts

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  • Sourcing General Int'l replacement parts

    I have a General drill press that needed a replacement tensioning shaft. I did some searching on line for a Canadian supplier without any success. I then emailed the US General asking if they could provide the part or advise who could. This is their response, which I am providing simply to save others some time.

    Here is some information that I hope helps.
    Canadian operations have closed permanently.
    The US product line will only include new items made at our facilities, for which we will stock parts.
    The US operations will not carry Legacy item parts made in Taiwan or Canada.
    For possible assistance for Legacy part items try contacting 1-888-386-8075"

    As it turned out I had already replaced the rod with a generic one from R&D when I received this response. In my searches though I realized there is a limited number of parts showing on web sites based in Canada. There may be more available after a phone call but I never got that far.
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    Re: Sourcing General Int'l replacement parts

    I contacted KMS Tools here in the lower mainland last year for General parts, and they had a very, very few items in stock. I hope nothing that isn't generic ever breaks, or I am in trouble...


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      Re: Sourcing General Int'l replacement parts

      I came across website for Canucktools that shows lots of General equipment. I know nothing about them but they may be worth looking into.