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Workshop Dust Filter System - Emerson

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  • Workshop Dust Filter System - Emerson

    Back in 2003, I outfitted my small shop with an Emerson Workshop brand air dust filter system (Model AB500) from Lee Valley

    On trying to order replacement filters for the unit, I was advised by LV that Emerson stopped production of air filters in 2007 & they have run out of replacement filters - I require filters #AB501 & #AB502.

    Here is the current LV description of a similar unit/filters,42401

    A Google search on the internet for a source has been unsuccessful.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Workshop Dust Filter System - Emerson

    Take a look to Camfil farr air filters they make quality products.

    You can have it at Tenaquip.

    Not sure for your dimensions requirement.

    Hope this can help you.


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      Re: Workshop Dust Filter System - Emerson

      Problem solved!
      I found a CDN company out of Montréal called on the web.
      Ironically, I order filters for my home air exchanger from them.
      They will custom 'build' both the Foam Pre-Filter & the Fabric Pocket Filter for me...for less $$ than still listed on the Lee Valley site.
      If anyone else has one of these units, call Richard at 800 808 0496...fantastic service!
      And thanks to tslbogger for helping out!


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        Re: Workshop Dust Filter System - Emerson

        Measure the size of the filter and see if you can get a furnace filter that same size or close to it. If you can't then maybe make a shallow plywood piece that will fit a furnace filter and go from there.

        Maybe this will be close to what you are looking for.

        Also if you can get a coarse filter with a fine one behind it.