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    One of the Youtube channels I frequent is this one, Ishitani, by a Japanese craftsman. Aside from his obvious experience and skills (also at such an early age), what I'd like to highlight here is the machines in his shop. In particular, the bench saws he uses are unlike anything available here in Canada.

    Has anyone seen tablesaw-like machines used here in Canada, and if so, where? Very interesting how they're used.
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    Re: Unique Machines

    Yeah those are unique machines aren’t they. Thanks for sharing the channel.


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      Re: Unique Machines

      Marty you could fit a half dozen of those in the footprint of your setup.

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        Re: Unique Machines

        He uses a dedicated rip saw, something that has fallen out of fashion in western woodworking because of their frighteningly large blades. It also has a neat but scary tenoning attachment.

        He has a panel saw that is either backwards to western panel saws, or he just uses it backwards for a climb cut.

        He has a super surfacer, which is a neat machine that rams a board through a stationary knife. It gives a hand planed sort of finish.

        He also uses a radial arm drill press to its full potential while drilling compound angle holes for chairs.

        I also don't think he is as young as he looks.
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          Re: Unique Machines

          I've been watching that guy for a while now Marty. I really like his designs and enjoy watching him. I also noticed the different machinery he uses and wondered where they originated from.


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            Re: Unique Machines

            Gota love the Supersurfacer, one day I should get mine running.
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              Re: Unique Machines

              He also uses a shop built adjustable height assembly table; a concept which I think is just brilliant.
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