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Bessey Revo jr clamps.

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  • Bessey Revo jr clamps.

    I need to add a few more clamps to my collection and I have been considering the Revo jr clamps fron Bessey. They are close in size to the older Bessey K body clamps that I own and the price is right for my budget, but I can't help but think that the lower cost and weight are coming at the expense of function. Anybody here have any experience with these clamps?
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    Re: Bessey Revo jr clamps.

    I have 4x24" and 4x18". I like them a lot and they get more use than my stable of new and older full size K-body. Not as cumbersome but they do equally as good a job. Of course if you have a large job that requires lots of clamping pressure, go for the big boys.
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      Re: Bessey Revo jr clamps.

      I rarely need a lot of clamping pressure, and when I do I have a dozen 3/4" pipe clamps, so I think the Revo jrs may be the way to go.


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        Re: Bessey Revo jr clamps.

        I recently bought 2 x 12" jr clamps to add to my 34 Jorgensen cabinet master clamps. The jr clamps are ok for a lighter clamp for... lighter jobs which is what i wanted them for. But make no mistake they feel and function like toys when next to full size clamps. For light clamping duties on small projects, yup they are good but I wouldn't want them as my main clamps for full size furniture builds..

        I wish Jorgensen had not shut down as I really liked they're cabinet master clamps.. Even the full size Besseys don't seems as nice to me.. Jorgensens have come back but they're a bit different and I can't find them in Canada yet..


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          Re: Bessey Revo jr clamps.

          I bought a couple of jr clamps about a year ago. They were out of parallel and needed quite a bit of clamping force to get them close together.

          I returned them and tried the other jr's they had in stock. Most were the same. Some had larger gaps than others. So I decided to go with the full size Besseys instead and they've been good to me.

          Just my experience with them.