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    Over 20 years ago i bought the place we live in now. The main floor was a stained glass studio so in order to live in it i had to gut and rebuild. The walls were covered with pine boards with sticky linseed oil on them which wouldn't work. So off came the boards as carefully as possible because i intended to use them again. I had to skin off the surfaces to remove the oil and then build my kitchen cabinets with them. I never tried to hide any cracks or nail holes but left them exposed. The building is old so i also didn't want to try and modernize it in anyway. The outside is sided with cedar shingles. Also the floor is white pine which i got from a local mill. The big cast iron sink my wife found by the side of the road looking for a home. It was so heavy i set it in place and built that section of cabinets around it. I wanted to build it with character so each piece was built for its own particular purpose and never tried to align itself to its neighbor yet still looked like it belonged.

    At the time it was questionable whether a floor or kitchen cabinets made with white pine would stand the test of time but here they are after 20 years without any maintenance except for a corroded cutting board slide which i replaced. They have never been refinished. There is no MDF although the drawers interiors are plywood. I used real glue chip glass in the doors. Its a galley kitchen with no room for a table but the dining room table worked for that.

    Hopefully someone might get inspired in their kitchen cabinet project and perhaps incorporate something they like into theirs. I never liked building anything from plans but if i see it i can probably build it. If a piano player learns by reading music they can never play anything by ear and if they learn by ear they can never play by reading notes. That being said, would make me believe that the one playing by ear might be at an advantage as long as someone playing by note can be heard. So if someone somewhere can make something and i can see it then i can make it. The resources available today weren't available to us old guys when we were coming along like they are to the young people today but i think the yearn to learn was greater back then then it is today and if i can learn something new today that i didn't know yesterday that makes me happy 😃
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