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Cabinet sag, load issue

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  • Cabinet sag, load issue

    I am starting to make and install drawers in my miter station cabinets and have found an issue which I think was caused by how I constructed the boxes, and where I put the cabinet adjustable legs.
    The cabinet boxes are are constructed with dominos and pocket holes, with a solid inset 3/4 inch back. Top and bottom of cabinets are inside the gables.
    The cabinets boxes are screwed to each other thru the gables.

    When I went to install the second set of drawers and was measuring and lining up the drawer front with the first cabinet I was down on floor to make sure all was flush, and that is when I noticed the sag.
    Like the cabinet boxes, the drawers are made out of 3/4 panolam melamine, including the bottoms. Drawers are constructed with dominos and kreg screws and are quite heavy on their own.

    I have build a few rolling stands using this box/drawer method that have heavy tools (100 #'s) on them without this issue. I attached 1x4 maple frames on the bottom of the rolling cabinets and then installed the casters...which makes me think the maple boards are transferring the load from the gables to the casters....does that sound correct?

    I think since I installed the cabinet legs 4 inches in from the gables this is causing the load coming from the drawer slides on the gables to cause the sag....does this sound correct? I am not filling the drawers with much weight, just wood scraps and some aluminum ect...I'm sure the drawers weigh more that the

    I also tired to back off the front cabinet legs in case something moved, and perhaps the cabinet legs were pushing the bottom panel "up", but even with cabinet legs right off the floor, nothing changed.

    I am thinking that I need to put some support under the gables on these cabinets, as I don't really want to take them apart. Hoping if I put some support under the gables it will stop further sag. The drawers all seem to function just fine as I used 1/4 spacing and the drawers run smooth.

    I am thinking of mounting some cabinet legs to a 1x4 putting it under the gables then screw thru the bottom of the cabinet to pull the 1x4 up to the underside of the cabinet bottom then adjust the cabinet legs until they are firm on the concrete. I am hoping this will transfer the load coming from the drawer slides and stop any further

    I am also wondering if I need to use 2 cabinet legs (front and back) on the 1x4, or could I just use one cabinet leg in the middle of each gable under the cabinet?

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Re: Cabinet sag, load issue

    I always catch a part of the Gable (1/4" ) with the leg. Sometimes if I'm installing another cab right beside it I let the leg overhang 1/4" and the next gable sits on that. You save a leg that way and still support the gable. I nail a ledger board on the wall @ 4" high and level and set the back of the cab on that and then just adjust the front legs. It's really fast to install like this and you save legs @ over $2 a piece.
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      Re: Cabinet sag, load issue

      Hi Wally. Thanks for your reply. I only wish I'd read that before I installed really like the ledger board idea...very good one and less fiddling with legs....This was the first time I installed a bank of cabinets... and it took me a while..haha

      I ordered my cabinet legs from Lee Valley, and the mount is square unlike some other legs I've seen where they are teardrop shaped which would make your idea much easier...although the same could be done with the legs I used, but would make it hard to adjust thru the hole I drilled in the bottom of the cabinets...having said that, I broke a few trying to adjust with a screwdriver thru that hole unless I lifted the cabinet which was a bit difficult on the back legs..( I used one of those pump up bags) So for my next set of shop cabinets, I think I'll abandon the bottom holes in the cabinets and mount the legs partly under the gable using your method...and use your very good ledger
      Do you think I can get away with installing one leg under all the gables (mid span) leaving all the current cabinet legs of course....


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        Re: Cabinet sag, load issue

        Yes -- one would work under the gables. I adjust from the bottom and don't put any holes in the cab. If they're tight just put a flat screwdriver in the slot and turn them.


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          Re: Cabinet sag, load issue

          Thanks Wally, I'll give one leg a try under gables and see how it goes. The holes were more for the back of the cabinet, but like I said earlier most of the crosses in the bottom of the leg snapped unless I lifted back of cabinet....which was not easy your method is much better with ledger board.