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Winnipeg Area Shop Time Rentals/Hardwood?

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  • Winnipeg Area Shop Time Rentals/Hardwood?

    Hey folks, been lurking here for a while but have a question.

    Is anyone in Winnipeg/southern Manitoba aware of any shops that rent shop time/services to joe schmo? I'd love access to a wide belt sander for a couple tabletops but haven't been able to find anything. Afaik the various dropins like Bronx Park don't have anything super wide with regards to planers/sanders (and I believe bronx park's are out of commission atm anyway.)

    Secondly, anyone able to point me any place that has reasonably priced hardwood offcuts? I'm looking to spend my winter this year developing some skills working with various things for tiny projects (jewellery boxes/picture frames etc) and being able to do a tiny project with a new wood is fun without breaking the bank. The south pembina Windsor Plywood has seemed especially bad the last few times I've been in there though I've heard they can vary a fair bit based on location so perhaps I should look at the King Edward site.

    Thanks for any advice someone might have.
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