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Recent project mash up.

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  • Recent project mash up.

    So it’s been a while since I made a post so I am just going to do a single post and load it with all the projects I have done over the course of this year.

    This is a pikler triangle, have to admit when the client contacted me I had no clue what she meant, but I think I got a handle on it now.

    These coffee tables were a tough one, I priced them out right when we went into lockdown and couldn’t get the materials for a couple months, I felt bad but the client was still very happy.
    Steel legs and red oak.

    This was just a fun one, my local woodworking club did virtual challenges at the start of covid, this was a kitchen then challenge. Which I was very happy with the turn out and I took first place.

    Some planter boxes

    Easter weekend we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything cause of the lockdown so o took my son in the shop and asked him what he wanted to build and he asked for bird houses. He built a total of 20 bird houses and 2 bat houses, and sold them all to friends and family.

    This is a custom shelf made for a health food store. Shelves are custom sized for the brands boxes.

    This was a fun one, cutting the mitres caused some really high blood pressure but when they sucked together perfectly it was probably the most satisfying feeling ever.

    Thanks for looking hope you enjoy, and maybe get some inspiration out of it.

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    Re: Recent project mash up.

    I like the bird and bat houses best!


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      Re: Recent project mash up.

      I like the boards best.
      And your apprentice looks like he might work out.

      "Being so impressed with the beauty of nature, I never cease to be amazed at how the
      'touch of the human hand' can transform it into another kind of beauty that is so uniquely human.

      John Snow, Outdoorsman and Retired Teacher


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        Re: Recent project mash up.

        Happy clients are good.
        Happy apprentice that's the best!

        great job all around.
        [insert something witty here]


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          Re: Recent project mash up.

          ok slow down now, you are making us look lazy ;)
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          “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” -Bertrand Russell


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            Re: Recent project mash up.

            My goodness, that is a lot of production! When dou sleep?
            The South Shore, Nova Scotia


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              Re: Recent project mash up.

              Originally posted by Egon View Post
              My goodness, that is a lot of production! When dou sleep?
              It’s hard sometimes, I’m a truck driver as well so all my wood jobs have to be done on weekends and evenings.

              Thanks for the kind words everyone



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                Re: Recent project mash up.

                Hey, Colin,

                Good on you for tackling so many projects! Add my name to the list of those who liked seeing your helper in the shop. Congrats for your efforts to encourage the future generation to play around with wood.
                All the best,


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