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Re Furbishing a General Canada 590 Band Saw

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  • Re Furbishing a General Canada 590 Band Saw

    I purchased a 590 General Canada Band Saw about 10 years ago, and then had to put it aside to look after my elderly Parents. I have recently started to put it together, and am not sure about something. I am putting things together after painting all the parts. There is a roll pin that holds a thick retaining Washer on the tensioning rod the only way to get the pin back in is to either put the assembly together in the saw, and then insert the pin(which is hard to do), or to remove the knob off the rod, install the pin on a bench, put the assembly together, insert it in the frame, and then put the knob back on. I do not know how to remove the knob. Looking at both the manuals for the 590, and 490, the knob is shown as a separate part( P-432 Handle 196 3/8") and the same part is used for the blade guard lock on both saws. So I am thinking it more than likely has a thread. It being soft aluminum, I have tried to unscrew it but I do not want to torque it too much as I am not sure which way it turns off the shaft, and using a pair of pliers marks it up so I am afraid that I will break the handle. Any advice on how to get this knob off, it would be appreciated.
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    Re: Re Furbishing a General Canada 590 Band Saw
    I have the same saw, I can maybe look tomorrow.
    AS you say the paperwork is not very clear.
    Can you post some pictures ??
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      Re: Re Furbishing a General Canada 590 Band Saw

      It looks like the knob is screwed on a stud that then screws into the bracket, I kind of suspect that it has LH thread in the knob, if it isn't pinned.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	General parts.jpg Views:	0 Size:	35.8 KB ID:	1314324

      Click image for larger version

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        Re: Re Furbishing a General Canada 590 Band Saw

        After further thought, I realized that even if I can remove the knob, I would not be able to put things back together out of the saw. I cut a backing and was able to install the pin. thank you all for your responses


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          Re: Re Furbishing a General Canada 590 Band Saw

          Looks like I have another Question. To the guy who has the same saw. Would you be kind enough to get me the sizes for the 2 V belts used with this band saw? The first goes from the motor to a swinging pulley, and the second goes from this pulley to the gearbox pulley. After cleaning all the grease off of the gearbox, there is about a 1/8" hole drilled in the top of the inside cover, and on the diagram in the manual, there is nothing showing that it is there, or if it should be plugged. It could be a vent hole. Do you have a hole in your gear box? Please see photos below
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