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Opinions wanted on Warranties for Woodworking Tools

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  • Opinions wanted on Warranties for Woodworking Tools

    Still consider myself new to woodworking and have so very very many questions.

    Next question is how good and necessary are the warranties on woodworking tools.

    I've tended to shop home depot for tools in general thanks to their generous/forgiving return policy. They do not however have many of the bigger woodworking tools I would like currently in stock, or of the features/quality I would like to have.

    I am looking for a jointer and a planer, preferably benchtop due to the small garage I have. I plan to mount them both side by side on a mobile cart (to be built). They would both be for light use / weekend use. Something that I could have for many years and that keep the cost relatively low ($1000 for both or just a bit more). Based on availability, pricing and my requirements I am leaning towards Craftex (benchtop jointer and benchtop planer). I love BusyBeeTools (thus far) but I do struggle a bit with not having the peace of mind of a 1-year return for any reason policy (though I do understand how hard that would be for a non-mega-corporation).

    General question: How much do woodworking people rely on warranties and related service?

    Specific question: How good is the Craftex warranty? How necessary is it for their tools?
    “By All means read what the experts have to say. Just don’t let it get in the way of your woodworking.” John Brown (1932–2008), Welsh stick chairmaker
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    Re: Opinions wanted on Warranties for Woodworking Tools

    So the President of Busy Bee Tools Hanif Balolia answers a lot of questions here personally , you gotta think the Warranty is good .


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      Re: Opinions wanted on Warranties for Woodworking Tools

      I here many good things about Busy Bee, but the half dozen times I've visited the Calgary location, I walked away disappointed. Machinery on display only half assembled, staff with little knowledge of woodworking or the machinery, them taking weeks (with multiple reminders) getting a quote to me. Seems like they just have really poor management at that location.

      I don't even bother to go there anymore.


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        Re: Opinions wanted on Warranties for Woodworking Tools

        In my experience, I've only ever needed warranty work once. On my Ridgid oscillating sander. I called, no questions asked, they sent a new one and paid postage both ways. I don't really consider the warranty at all but I do consider the brand-name. Ridgid, DeWalt, Bosch, etc all reliable names with great service.
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