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Dw734 Rattle/clicking

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  • Dw734 Rattle/clicking

    Just finished swapping round my blades in the dw734
    2 of the bolts on the black blade holder bar were so tight/stripped that after having tried everything, I had to hammer 2 of the machine screws with a cold chisel to remove them.
    Now having set everything back up the machine is making a loud rattle/clicking.
    It seems to plane fine.
    Any ideas what I might have damaged/dislodged/need to clean/need to replace?
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    Re: Dw734 Rattle/clicking

    Check for obvious signs of things rubbing. Chip deflector touching the head, loose pulley on the cutter head or motor etc. If you can't find anything you may have to change the cutter head bearings. The hammering of the screws might have damaged them by denting the races or flattening the balls/rollers.



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      Re: Dw734 Rattle/clicking

      anything loose ? can you disconnect the drive and turn it by hand so you can feel if there is any restriction? take the belt off maybe?


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        Re: Dw734 Rattle/clicking

        Mine once got a good sized shaving stuck in the exhaust fan and it made an awful rattling noise when I powered it up.
        Perhaps something got knocked in there when you were in there servicing the blades?