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  • Veritas Router Table

    I have a couple of these, but have not been using them much lately. A post on a router forum indicates Lee Valley can no longer supply the plastic inserts. Is this true o is it another example of lousy online catalog? Either way shame on Lee Valley!
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    Re: Veritas Router Table

    look into having some cnc-ed or 3-d printed, if it seems worth it


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      Re: Veritas Router Table


      Just for fun, I e-mailed Lee Valley concerning the Veritas Router Table inserts.
      Here is part of the e-mail response,

      "We have two of the inserts available for the Veritas Router Table Top (05J2001). The 9/32" Template Insert (05J2007). (The 9/32" refers to the diameter of the center opening). The 1 3/4" Counterbore Insert (05J2015) accepts the Brass Template Guides and Ring Nut. (04J2601, 04J2701-04J2707). Both of these inserts are available for $4.95 USD each plus applicable shipping and tax". These items are no longer on our website.

      So I called them today to order a set of the inserts, & I was happy to learn that they had several hundred still in stock! They're just not listed on their website!

      Very Happy with Lee Valley, looks like they made arrangements for at least a while to support their now discontinued router table.

      Thanks All............ "

      I am pleased they have them, it would have been disgraceful not to, but why not list them on the website? I guess I will order some and hope to be able to find them when needed.


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        Re: Veritas Router Table

        Happy to hear of your success,and makes me wonder what else they may still have that is not on the website.Ido not use the veritas table,but really like the fence and right angle sled,wonder thief the brackets for using it with tee tracks are still available,I think I will email them as well.


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          Re: Veritas Router Table

          LV website strikes again!

          Glad that at least their customer service is still top notch.