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    Hello Marty, I findly got the room somewhat clean up enough to where I was able take some pictures they are not really good of the Murphy Bed that I made a couple of years ago. The material I made our Murphy Bed from was oak broads and oak veneer plywood.I start by cutting all the largest pieces of plywood or oak broads, from there I started to put up the main frame and secured against wall, then start with of the pieces of hardware to where I had to stop, and cut pieces of plywood, when I got mattress frame up I was also able to put the back legs on the mattress frame, I was also able to cut 3/4" x 1" to connect the back legs together, after that it was time to install the two hydraulic rods that helps the bed frame to either stay up or down that was something else to hold in place to slide bolt into the each joint. between my wife and I we got it finished. Now is the time to put on the stain and couple coats clear varathene.
    I hope you will enjoy it.
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    Re: Murphy Bed

    I thing I found my pictures.