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1949 Reading Steam Train

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  • 1949 Reading Steam Train

    1949 Reading Steam Train

    My three year old son loves everything to do with trains so I decided it was time for us (my son, six year old daughter and me) to make one out of wood. I wanted a fairly detailed plan and found one from Next was the type of wood to use – about four years ago I cut down a cherry tree in the back yard and milled it up on a friends lumber mill so it was dry enough by now. So off we went...

    fs008.jpg The plans
    fs009.jpg Pieces of the under carriage of the train


    First time taking a square piece of wood and making it round. Used my step father’s mastercraft lathe that has been buried in his basement for years. It is now buried again. If and when I decide to try turning some more I will have to get a better setup.

    fs024.jpgSteam drum.

    fs032.jpgMost of the steam drum and under carriage done and starting on the wheels.


    A few more wheels and ladders, cow catcher and steam cylinders.

    fs049.jpgHere is the engine almost done with three coats of circa 1850 Antique Danish Oil.

    fs054.jpg View of the front.

    fs042.jpgTop view.

    fs060.jpgStart of the coal tender.

    fs072.jpgStart of the lettering.

    fs070.jpgReady for some assembly.

    fs079.jpgCoal tender.

    fs087.jpgCompleted. It was a gloomy day today and couldn’t get very good natural light and as you can see I am not much of a photographer anyway.

    fs058.jpgThis is the scrap pile that was left over.

    fs067.jpgAnd the kids favorite part what they made with the scrap pile.
    So as a recap
    -1949 Reading Steam Train
    -Materials- cherry, maple, walnut, brass
    -Finish- 3 coats circa 1850 Antique Danish Oil
    -Total parts-374

    The whole project took around 6 months to complete and I estimate around 80 hours sometimes working on it for hours at a time or for 5 or 10 minutes at a time. I wish I had taken more pictures of the build which I will try to do more of on my next project (carved rocking horse for my daughter)
    Thanks for looking
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    Re: 1949 Reading Steam Train

    Re: 1949 Reading Steam Train

    Nice project! I am working on a train from the Toys and Joys plans and kits. Your engine is more ambitious than the T7J one. Mine was going great until I decided to make cast brass wheels for the drivers so I could have spokes, then I would need the other wheels made of brass as well and the whole thing is bogged down in making wheels and the like. Your model is magnificent!!



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      Re: 1949 Reading Steam Train

      Re: 1949 Reading Steam Train

      I wish I had your patience, cool project. Nice to see the young ones involved in creating as well. Looking forward to seeing the rocking horse.
      My wood Stuff


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        Re: 1949 Reading Steam Train

        Re: 1949 Reading Steam Train

        hobby woodworking since 1972


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          Re: 1949 Reading Steam Train

          Re: 1949 Reading Steam Train

          Very nice!!
          I am going to be building this plan.
          I've done 2 of the locos from "Toys and Joys"