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  • Children's Wagon

    Does anyone know where I can find plans for a wooden wagon and also buy the hardware.
    I would like to make one for the grand niece.
    Many Thanks

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    Re: Children's Wagon

    Re: Children's Wagon

    I did one for CHW last year (Summer 2011 issue) if you happen to subscribe. It'll also be available online here:

    Or...if you want to avoid the work, the one from the article is for sale...

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      Re: Children's Wagon

      Re: Children's Wagon

      I bought my daughter a used millside one for $70, in fantastic shape. I was going to build one as well, but with the little time I already have, $70 was hard to walk away from. They are very nice wagons with car style steering to prevent tip overs. With the air tires it easily rolls over everything.

      Ryan, is the handle in that one pictures upside down? I realize that with the bend in that direction, the handle can rest over the front with the gates down. But isn't is supposed to be for storage of the wagon? Meaning that when you stand it up on it's back, the handle folds nicely between the wheels. With the way it is in the picture, it would stick right out (I know, cuz mine was the same way when I bought it, flipped it, and now it's nice and tidy)
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