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  • Wood Gloat

    This year during deer season, we had to cut some firewood.
    Well, I decided to rescue a few logs for sawing, they aren;t great but it was the best i could do at the time
    At the last minute i tossed on what could come out as spalted birch, or it might just be rotten:mrgreen:

    the logs have just been sitting waiting to be cut, but the other day I finally got my boss to ask the guys at a mill here that we have been doing some repair work at to get me a deal on Maple
    I heard they had shut down the kilns and only sold green to large customers. I wanted about 100 bd ft to put with my logs. The little place where i'm getting them cut has a small kiln and for $0.30/ft they will dry it.

    Imagine my suprise when he came and to me and said we had to go pick up 100 ft for $125.00 kild dried
    Well, i know, too good to be true, so lets go see this wood.

    It was labeled as sel and better sap
    meaning one side was white and one side had a bit of sap wood
    all of it was almost totally clear 30 boards, the few more you see that look bad were what the guy tossed on my truck after i had picked what i wanted
    I could have gone 8 and 10" wide but only have a 6" jointer
    all about 1 1/8 thick

    and the best part is they are going to bill the company, and i will never hear about it, it will just get paid
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    Re: Wood Gloat

    why aren't the pics showing up
    they did when I was writing this


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      Re: Wood Gloat

      go to control panel, then edit options, set the last item as enhanced interface. then in your post, clik the paper clip icon, then clik on your attachment that drops down or clik attach all. then check preveiw and if all is ok then submit your post.
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        Re: Wood Gloat

        nice score $125 wow santa like you