Hello Forum.

As i find myself enjoying more hands on shop projects my wife has sadly kicked me out of the basement now that it is 'livable" and into the garage. I still would like to keep working through the winter but rumor has it power tools and and finishing materials like wood glue, stain, and other aerosols don't love to cure in sub zero temps . I live in Grande Prairie, Alberta and my garage roof/ ceiling in my garage is not insulated or finished so it stays pretty sub zero most of the winter.

The logical thing would be to insulate, ventilate, finish and install a gas heater into this little garage but financially that is just way to out there until i win that 60 million.

Anyone else out there with a shop like this? How do you heat it? What is a good cost effective short term heating solution to keep my going. I understand my heat will largely be flying out of the roof vents but if i want to do a bit of work out there this winter i'd like to come up with something so i am not forced to wait until spring for the nicer weather.