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Garage or basement?

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    Re: Garage or basement?

    I too am in Ottawa and have my workshop in my basement. Garage is used for the cars in winter and would be too difficult to insulate. I work there in the summer when I can.

    For dust collection, I have a ShopVac and Lee Valley's Cyclone lid. I connect the hose to the tool I'm using at the time. I also use an air filtration system like the WEN-3410 3-Speed Air Filtration Unit.

    The workshop is actually in the same room as my gas furnace and although I have never had any problems with excessive dust, I try to turn off the furnace if I do something that will generate fine dust (e.g. bandsaw). A few hours off usually doesn't cause that much of a temperature drop. The air filtration system is on while I'm in the shop and turns off after 4 hours.

    With the air filtration unit, I have never had an issue with suspended particles in the air. The unit does catch a lot of dust that the ShopVac misses.

    For the most part, I do not spray in the basement. If I do, it will only be water-based poly. Anything flammable or smelly gets done in the garage in the spring/summer/fall.

    The only thing I don't like about the basement is the lack of windows. I find it depressing. We purchased a cottage last year and I hope to get a workshop there. Windows all around, with a view of the lake. Work for 15 minutes, relax for 30. Repeat. Can't wait to retire!


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