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What Are Your Router Bit Storage Solutions?

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    Re: What Are Your Router Bit Storage Solutions?

    This is interesting. I don't have all that many bits, but a discussion on how to store them is of use.

    I have two sets in their original cases, and a bunch of bits in the cases they came in. Most are from Lee Valley, so they came in a nice plastic case. However, the descriptions leave a bit to be desired.

    At wood shows and online, I have seen the neat router tables with drawers for storage. That makes a lot of sense, but it leaves out one feature that I find vitally important - the cases holding the sets of bits shows a graphic of what the bit will cut. This has proven invaluable to me, when trying to select a bit.

    I guess you could put the same sort of graphic onto the drawer in your cabinet, but it seems like a lot of work. Also, since I have trouble bending over, so it would be awkward to use.

    A solution that lets you store your bits WITH something to show the profile of each bit would be ideal.


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      Re: What Are Your Router Bit Storage Solutions?

      I built this some time ago, the plan was on the back of the poster I used on the door of the cabinet.
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