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  • Jointer height...

    I've got an old rockwell 6" jointer.
    I love the jointer, but the base could use improvement, so I'm going to build my own.
    I'm curious about opinions on what height to make the jointer bed end up at?
    Right now, it's slightly below all the other surfaces in my shop (iirc, everything in my shop is approx 36" high, which means things can be easily moved around to provide infeed and outfeed support for each other).
    Because of that, jointing larger boards can be a problem as the board will collide with, for example, the table saw surface. And boards going through the table saw could collide with the jointer fence.

    So I've got two options...

    Lower the bed
    - boards could then slide under the TS table
    - TS egress would not be blocked by the jointer fence if I lower it enough.
    - jointed boards would still collide with enclosed tables
    - going to low might be awkward/hurt the back?

    Raise the bed (level with other surfaces)
    - jointing large boards would be easier
    - jointer fence could still block TS outfeed (although I'll be putting the stand on wheels, so it should be easier to move out of the way, at least).
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    Re: Jointer height...

    When I made my stand I set the jointer tables of my Hitachi planer/jointer with my hand flat, palm down on the table with me standing upright. That worked out for me to be a touch under 33 1/2" to the floor. That way I am not bending over the machine to joint a board on the flat.

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