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  • Machine bases

    Hi I have machines, and it seems adding wheels would be a good idea.   I looked up a few ideas from youtube etc on people making them, but all I saw were basically for a particular machine that I don't have.   Is there any way to make designing an making rolling bases easier?!?!?   I have some wheels for two machines and if I can get two machines rolling I'd sure like to hunt down more wheels and make more machines roll too.
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    Re: Machine bases

    I'm building a couple. Just doing my own design so no specific plans to share. For lathe doing fixed wheels at back because likely just pull it out from the wall - were on sale at Princess auto. For radial arm saw, using castors at back that spin so can wheel around. Just found these on line that I plan to use on the front
    -ProCaster Workbench Caster Kit | Move up to 500 lbs | Pack of 4 Brand: ProCaster - on Amazon - $75
    -I'm hopeful should work well. Will allow me to have the front sit on floor when in use and not move Graham


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      Re: Machine bases

      I put my machines on wood bases and use a pallet jack to move them around.
      The wood base is just high enough to slide the pallet jack underneath.
      I think I paid $150 for a used one- about the same cost as 4 heavy duty casters.



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        Re: Machine bases

        Two wheels attached to the back, the machine maybe a half inch off the floor,and a single wheel detachable drawbar works awesome
        search felder or hammer mobility kit for ideas