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My downdraft table

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  • My downdraft table

    Or as I like to call it my AC 8-729 = air cleaner with 8 filters & 729 holes

    In my basement shop things were going ok until I started buying these darn power tools. Handplanes & scrapers just didn't produce enough dust to concern me.

    Add a lathe, jointer, planner, palm sander. belt sander, things were starting to get ugly. A DC is not an option because I've only got one very very old 20 amp breaker.

    I bought an old furnace fan & motor & after reviewing some threads here I went at it.

    As I said there's 8 furnace filters (4 on each side) 2 pleated & 2 regular. It measures about 22" X 44". The top just lifts off, & it all comes apart if needed. (if I have to carry it out myself I can.) It has a 2 speed motor, on low you have to touch it to tell if it's running & I can run it & still use my other power tools.

    Initial tests show excellent results, I blew the dust off the ceilings & walls & it cleared the room in under 2 minutes on low. So far I am very happy with it. It's not high tech but at least I now have something.

    It's a little different in design from the others that I looked at so I thought I would share.

    The holes are round & my arm/chest/back are really I'll be ok:lol: Holes are 3/4" with 1 1/2 spacing offset.
    My LV drill guide survived my bench holes but it broke on this project.

    Thanks to all the others who have posted there downdraft tables.
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    Re: My downdraft table

    A very nice job. If you do much sanding, you may be changing the filters often. I'm not sure what the particle size is on the washable jobs but that may be an option worth looking into, if you haven't already.
    I have a downdraft table too and generally use it when I am sanding. I have found that the ROS is by far the worst dust producer in my arsenal of woodworking weapons, and as long as I connect it to my shop vac and sand with the dd table running, the air stays quite clean.


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      Re: My downdraft table

      That's quite a number of holes!!!


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        Re: My downdraft table

        Hi Bohdon,

        Geez, I don't want to sound too critical, but from looking at the picture of the top, it appears that the seventh hole from the bottom, in the 8th column seems to be slightly askew. What happened?

        Get yourself a slightly bigger motor (like a Cat 3306) and you may get rid of that mice problem as well!

        Nice job on the air cleaner.

        "Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils."


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          Re: My downdraft table

          Nice job - you're going to appreciate it for years. How are those down-sloping surfaces held on? I assume you made it easy for you to get at that first filter to clean it off?



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            Re: My downdraft table

            "Or as I like to call it my AC 8-729" Sounds like something that Martin the Martian would say, for those of us old enough to know who that is.:lol:

            Looks like a pretty intense fan. Sand on, good sir.
            A mouse dreams dreams that would terrify the cat.


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              Re: My downdraft table

              If the air comes in the top, does not much up it get unfilted? That is the area above the motor?
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              Don B


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                Re: My downdraft table

                Thanks guys.

                The filters...ya I may be changing them often I don't know yet, if so I will be looking into the washable ones but for now I'll have to wait until I get back to work. Perhaps I'll put all pleated filters in too.

                The 7th hole in the 8th column... ya that must be where the drill guide broke, I was gonna start over again but it's hardly noticeable....or so I thought....

                Cat 3306:(:(:( we had one on the farm, sold it last spring I loved that engine, still think Cat is the best...Oh well mice took over that tractor anyway had to beat them out every time I got in.

                Down sloping surfaces are held on with duct tape...2 tone don't you know 1 strip of white & 1 strip of black. The top sheet also holds the tape down & they just flop up to get the filters out. I gluesized the sheet that the tape is stuck to in order to give better purchase. If it comes loose a few staples should take care of it.

                Marvin the martian is out again...interesting.


                Don there is a sheet that covers that top area, I took it off to show the inside.


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                  Re: My downdraft table


                  I think I'm being very thick? I don't understand how the airflow works!

                  If air is drawn down through the top (hence down draft), where does it exhaust to? All I can see is the small opening below the switches and I wouldn't have thought that to be sufficient.
                  Could you explain please. It obviously works so I am clearly being dim :lol:.



                  'If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem'


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                    Re: My downdraft table

                    You got it right Tim, air comes in the top, goes around the side & through the filters then out the small hole under the switches. That hole is cut out to fit the exit on the fan, so basically it is the end of the fan just not quite sticking out. I have not found a grate for it yet, it's either that or I'll put somekind louvers over it.

                    The pictures may be decieving because I am cramped for space down there and it was hard to get a decent picture. Also it is a smaller fan so it may be smaller than what you may be used to seeing. There's a lot of houses around here that are in the 600 sq foot range. Some smaller.