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Another grounding question

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  • Another grounding question

    I understand that this is a highly debated topic, whether in fact grounding is even necessary in a small home based shop when using solid pvc piping. I知 not so concerned about fire, though I want to do whatever the best practise is, but I also don稚 want to deal with any static electricity shocking me.

    My question is, given that I知 gonna run some bare copper wire, I知 not sure how to go about running/connecting it because I have a 8 foot length of flex coming from my 2hp cyclone that I normally plug directly into the tool I知 using - ie. table saw, jointer, router table etc. The planer is a bit further away so I decided to use some 5 solid pvc piping (about 10 feet) instead of extending the flex. So what that means is I have the 8 feet of flex from the dust collector that gets connected to one end of the solid pipe. On the other end, i convert to 4 and run about 5 feet of 4 flex hose to the planer.

    All that is to say - I don稚 have permanent ducting to the planer, so I知 not sure how the best way to run the grounding wire.

    Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Another grounding question

    OK I'll jump into this one. Are you having a problem with static? If not, I wouldn't worry!
    I use 4" PVC for my ducting and 4" flexible for the connection to the machines. It's a basement shop, so it gets the same treatment as the rest of the house for heating and cooling. In spite of having a humidifier on the furnace, the humidity level during the winter can be quite low.
    I have never had a problem with static.



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      Re: Another grounding question

      Does your flex hose have a spiral metal wire for reinforcement? If so, can you connect your copper ground wire to the end of that wire so the entire flex hose is then grounded? I have a basement shop and before grounding my flex hose to my drum sander, I often got static shocks when I touched the hose.



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        Re: Another grounding question

        I spiraled a copper wire around/along my flexible hose, connected to the dust collector and that eliminated those unwelcome jolts.