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  • Air Filtration

    Hey all

    I have a small garage shop... With dust collection... But I've noticed more and more feeling the dust by the end of the day...

    I do have a mask I wear when sanding... But I was wondering what the consensus is on an overhead air cleaning unit? Do they work? Are they worth it?

    I have an old one my father in law built with a furnace motor that is in a floor cart... Should that work as good as an overhead one?

    Just trying to figure out an option, as I feel like I have to wear my mask even if I'm just tinkering.



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    Re: Air Filtration

    I built the air cleaner shown in this thread ( to clean the air when I am working on my lathe. I have a particle counter so I can monitor the dust level near the lathe as well as in other areas in the shop and this unit works extremely well. I can see the particle count drop in all areas of the shop when this filter is running. As well, the dust build-up near the lathe is minimal when I run the filter, In the past, there was considerable build-up before I built the filter.



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      Re: Air Filtration

      They work, pure and simple!
      I only excel at fixing my my goof ups


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        Re: Air Filtration

        I have about the crudest air cleaner possible, just a 20" x 20" box fan with a couple of furnace filters (medium and fine), and no way to measure the effectiveness but when I change the filters they contain a lot of dust so I conclude it helps.


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          Re: Air Filtration

          I like Doug's idea of making a simple one, but furnace filters do not filter down to the .5 to 2.5 micron range, which is the size that is hazardous to your health. But you can overcome that by simply placing a HEPA certified furnace filter behind the two others Doug recommends.

          Here is a video describing not only this, but providing the science behind it. Note that in this video they don't have the pre-filters which I recommend being added to help extend the life of the more expensive HEPA filter:

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            Re: Air Filtration

            Agree with Marty, the higher the filter rating the better, my current "fine" filter is a MPR 1900 which is MERV 11, not sure how that compares to HEPA. I noticed in the video, the filter was placed on the discharge side of the fan, on mine it is on the intake side. Anyone know which is better? I could easily switch mine if I thought it would make a positive difference.


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