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Venting dust collector outdoors

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  • beakie
    1. when you vent outside air neess to be replaced... if you have a wood stove it will come back down the chimney... could be bad and dangerous.

    2. install a cyclone system, just skip the filter and vent exhaust outside.

    3. if #1 applies... and it's not a wood stove, it may get cold when all your warm air is sucked out being replaced by cold air (winter months that is)

    I wanted to do this, but I have a wood stove & I like working in relatively warm shop.

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  • Robert I
    started a topic Venting dust collector outdoors

    Venting dust collector outdoors

    It seemed like a good idea at the time. I never liked the cloud of dust that flies of the dust-collector-filter bag whenever I started the machine. Since my shop is in a remote location I thought I would exhaust the air from my dust collector outdoors. Goodbye dust cloud, I assumed. I replaced the air filter bag on my 2 hp, single stage, dust collection system with a sheet metal reducer (20" to 10") and routed the air outside through a 10" flex pipe. When I switched the dust collector on I expected the shavings and sawdust to continue spiraling down into the collection bag while the air would continue going up as it always has, but into the new reducer and flex pipe, instead of the air filter bag.

    What actually happened was the entire contents of the collection bag emptied out through the new flex pipe faster than I could run outside to watch the fun. Clearly a plan B was needed so I placed a 45 gal collection drum outdoors beneath the discharge vent, hoping to capture the shavings/sawdust that way. Another fail! The discharged material bounced out of the drum.

    So now my yard is strewn with sawdust and my failures are piing up. I'm still motivated however to avoid the indoor filter bag. I am back to square one unfortunately. My current thinking is that I need a cyclone outdoors so that the air will separate from the sawdust and allow the drum to fill without splashing debris everywhere. Alternatively I suppose I could install a cyclone indoors and do the separation in the conventional manner ahead of my dust collector. What about modifying the collection area inside the dust collector or further reducing the discharge reducer? Clearly the filter bag which I dislike so much plays an important role in separation with this unit.

    Is there an easy fix? If anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them.


    Robert I