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Dayton portable 2 stage dust collector

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  • Dayton portable 2 stage dust collector

    My shop is a dust bowl and it is getting in the house. I was wondering if anyone has tried the portable dayton 2 stage. In reading many post i think the 2 stage is the better way to go. this is 1.5 hp. and is about 500
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    Re: Dayton portable 2 stage dust collector

    I saw that Grainger is advertising that DC as a 2-stage. I think that's misleading advertising, as the only pre-separation of dust and chips appears to be a poor-man's Thien separator, similar to the ones Lee Valley used to sell. To me, it's just a single-stage DC.

    Oh, by the way, the filter only goes down as low as 5 micron, which doesn't provide the required health protection necessary.
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      Re: Dayton portable 2 stage dust collector

      thank you I was worried about the 5 micron bag. . In the summer I just use fans in the windows and shop vac for ROS. I dont want to buy a unit that does not do anything I once had a BB $ 200 special and that was about equal to the shop vac. I will keep looking maybe a 2 stage will show up on kijiji