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  • Will it work if...

    I've seen others have similar setups, but they were all using lager 6" connections - I have a Festool CT SYS extractor with 2 hoses (a 2.5" and the smaller one). I'm finishing my new router table where I was planning to have dust collection from both above and below the table. Will my CT using a 2.5" hose, plugged into a Y that goes out to the 2 ports on my table, have enough suction? (the table also would have 2.5" connectors and hoses probably) I'm going to add a dust collection port to both spots anyways, but I figure I should ask before I go to the trouble...

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    Re: Will it work if...

    Yes, but you should use a some form of intermediate separation. A cyclone - Clearvue mini, Oneida dust deputy to knock as much debris as possible to keep your extractor from clogging up.

    I have an original Clearvue mini sitting on a 20 litre wine juice pail attached to a Craftsman shop vac. It will keep up to my 16” Laguna spiral planer until the pail fills up. I have a 4” x 2 1/2” adapter.

    You need a robust waste bin as the vacuum generated will collapse even these wine juice pails.

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      Re: Will it work if...

      I think it will work okay, but perhaps depending on your type of cut, you might just plug into one of the spots.

      For example if you're routing a dado down the middle of a board, the vacuum at the fence picks up minimal dust, you are better to focus on collection under the table.


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        Re: Will it work if...

        Yes it should work but you will e
        will the extractor up really quickly.
        I used to use a large rigid shop vac with my router and it would get full.

        You can prob pick up a used shop vac off kijiji for $100 ish to dedicate to the router, if you use it a lot.