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  • Air cleaner filters...

    Can you clean them?

    I've got an older version of these:

    Wondering how I should be cleaning the filters (washing?) or if I should just be getting new periodically?

    I've been vacuuming them, but I doubt that's really cleaning them well.


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    Re: Air cleaner filters...

    If yogurt it cleaned put a cheap furnace filter in front and it's easy to change and replace.
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      Re: Air cleaner filters...

      Rusty's recommendation is a good one. I have shop-built cleaners made from old furnace fans and for each opening in the box I have starting from the outside:
      Cheap fibre-glass filter followed by a pleated filter (~$7) followed by a Filtrete expensive one on the inside.
      I spray the cheap outer filter with cooking oil to make it more sticky for dust. I've never had to change the Filtrete. The outer fibre-glass get changed more often than the pleated.

      Having slightly dirty filters is only an issue if you think the airflow is being compromised. IMO, a slightly dirty filter is better than a clean one since the trapped dust actually reduces the size of the holes. I'm sure this is likely a point of contention but as I said, IMO.