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DC Cabinet vs. Contractor saw

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    Re: DC Cabinet vs. Contractor saw

    If your dc has the cfm,5" below and 4" above will do a decent job,but there will always be operations that will challenge any system.
    i have a riving knife mounted Sharkguard with a 4" port above the blade,it works very well for the lions share of cuts,together with 5" at the cabinet


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      Re: DC Cabinet vs. Contractor saw

      Originally posted by nnieman View Post
      I found a big improvement in my general 250 by moving the pickup closer to the saw.

      I drilled a 4” hole in the back and used duct S and a furnace boot to move the pickup point up under the blade.

      It’s not pretty and it’s a permanent modification to your saw.... but it helps.

      I notice a difference with less dust getting thrown at my face.
      i don’t care about accumulation in the cabinet base.
      That's kinda what I'm thinking. If it's pulling better from the source (blade), I figure that's a good thing...

      Do you have a pic?


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        Re: DC Cabinet vs. Contractor saw

        I wouldn't bother doing anything either. I have that in my Delta Unisaw also and it has never been a problem. It never build up beyond a certain height.