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I Decided on the DC

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  • I Decided on the DC

    Thanks to everyone who helped me out with their take and info on DC's. Appreciated! Too much thinking is my problem...

    Spent a few hours again last night reading forums, articles, and reviews, and decided I would be better served with a more powerful single stage unit. My thinking is if a person wants a cyclone you have to be in the minimum $2500 range to start. I am just a couple of night/ and weekend shop guy, so I'm not a full time person like some. Since attaching the over blade hood I needed a but more powerful unit for that and my table saw. the old Delta 1200 cfm was ok but was under powered. Sure the cyclone would make it easier to dump dust, and certainly keep the filter cleaner. I ended up purchasing a 2 HP 1650 CFM unit from Canadian Woodworker. Right from the get-go I could notice the increased draw.

    The main attractions for me was the filter... "Hepa manual clean canister filtration. Advanced performance Hepa filtration will filter out 99.6% of all dust particles .3 to .5 micron and 100% of all dust particles 1 micron and larger. and also the high CFM's. I always had a time with the plastic bag thing putting it back on the old DC. This collector has a nylon bag and a metal band which is actually sewn into the top of the bag making it a lot easier to down.

    I just quickly attached the flex hose just to get it up and running. With the 2-4" or 1-6" inlet I think I will try 6" pipe reduced down to 4" at machine & hood
    Click image for larger version

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    Re: I Decided on the DC

    Congradulations on your purchase.i would recommend,when you get your ridgid pipeline in place,rather than reducing to 4" at the machine,try and adapt your machines to at least 5" where possiable.


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      Re: I Decided on the DC

      The boot off the machine is 4" or 6" I could reduce by DC and do 5" to tools. I was thinking 6" to tools. I wasn't sure if 6" would be too large. There was some talk about larger pipes and also keeping the velocity up. I do have 4" PVC to the dust hood but I was planning to switch that to metal eventually.


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        Re: I Decided on the DC

        Now.....that I put the DC issue to bed, and I love using my pocket jig, my next is build my shop vac cyclone....

        Click image for larger version

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