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    Re: Newbie with problems :)

    Re: Newbie with problems

    Originally posted by Don Burch View Post
    Dear Rusty,
    It has been awhile since I felt the need to comment on some of your philosophical musings, but this one needs a rebuttal. I certainly could walk in a different direction, but hell April 1, who knows what the man is up to!

    How narrow of me to think that when people request information, they may have a legitimate interest in improving some aspect of their woodworking experience. I have tried to provide good information to those who are interested.
    And really the "Do It Right" approach is to do nothing, eat dust!!

    Maybe some of us do over-think it, but at least we do think about it. Having that capacity is a blessing. I don't think it stands well for you to come to such a discussion, any discussion, suggesting, no matter how subtly, that thinking about any aspect of dust collection is an undesirable activity.

    As far as investment goes, I like my toys and gadgets. I to have a broom, a single stage dust pump, a mini cyclone, a shop vac and a big ass 5HP cyclone. Sucks to be me - maybe super sucks
    Of course there is dust laying about, just not as much.

    There are proven technologies, so when the OP appears to be interested in and is thinking about this topic, some of us want to help him make best use of his time and resources.

    You could have stopped at the broom and shovel statement, but when you cast an unqualified cloud of doubt over what is considered good practice, well it is just "bad form".

    I value your input on many topics, but not this one.

    Belated April 1.

    Don I have absolutely nothing to rebutt in your comments. I too collect dust as well as I can but I do still get the film on everything.

    My system is nowhere near as good as yours even though I have a collector and a cleaner and use them. I also use a good respirator because my system is lacking and I know it.

    In defense of my meanderings on this occasion, my comments are an effort to help someone starting out in what can be an expensive hobby. My comments or concerns are directed more towards where to spend your first dollars.

    BTW I absolutely do respect your input on this subject and I would have no hesitation to ask your assistance if I were to plan modifications.

    Happy Easter to you.

    My only son was born on Good Friday and as a youngster in Toronto Good Friday meant fishing with my Grandpa in a small creek off the north end of Bayview Avenue. The creek and Grandpa are long gone but Easter has always been very special to us.
    "Do it Right!"


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