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Adding reversing to a typical induction motor

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  • Adding reversing to a typical induction motor

    this ge 1/2 hp motor came with my walker turner drill press, it is equipped with a drum switch for reversing.
    i took the motor apart to check it over and paint it and thought i would show the centre section and reversing was added

    quite simple really! we're looking at the centre section, bottom is closest to the camera. in the terminal/switch board the jumpers for 120/240 service are clear and the two wires labled 5 and 8 are loose with crimpon connectors added by the PO.

    the two wires near the top go to the capacitor.

    power from the nonreversing part of the drum switch go to the terminals with the brass straps(shown in 12 0 configuration)

    power from the reversing part of the drum switch goes to the two wires with the crimpon connectors. that power goes through the centrifugal switch to the capacitor and then the start winding and back to the drum switch

    this is for 120 service. before i reassemble the motor, i will reconfigure it for 240 to show how its done

    Click image for larger version

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