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Thread: Birch burl / Walnut / Poplar Box *PIC*

  1. Default Birch burl / Walnut / Poplar Box *PIC*

    Resawed and drum sanded Birch burl glued to a Poplar core for the sides. Cracks on both the sides and panel filled with a slurry of Danish oil and Walnut sawdust wet sanded into the cracks on the all the birch burl parts. two applications of the slurry, with a few weeks or so drying period between applications. Then the cracks were sealed with regular poly and sanded flush. Prior to the wet sanding I forced small amount of epoxy in to the cracks of the panel with a pin but not enough to fill it up the cracks and to leave room for the slurry.

    The legs were joined to the body using a Dowelmax jig and on each corner the jig was lifted or lowered as required as to not drill into the dowels on the other corner.

    The solid Birch Burl panel gave me some static as I was concerned about tear out and safety during routing of the panel but I received reassurance from this forum that if a several precaution were observed I could proceed (thanks guys). There was some blow out but it is hidden by the Walnut frame.

    Four coats of wipe on poly, the least amount of coats I have applied to anything, probably due the wet sanding which produced a nice finish in itself.

    I would have like to have made the panel a little wider and longer and the frame a little narrower but I was restricted by the given size of the wood for the panel. Not much you can do about that.


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    Rob Stokes in North Vanco Guest

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    Lots of work - and it shows.

    Well done!

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    mack cameron Guest

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    Nice box, but should be called a chest. Like calling a Caddie a car. Blue and brown go good together!

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    Jerry Brown Guest

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    Lovely work Brian


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    Looks GREAT Brian. I like the figured wood, very nice look also with the legs.
    Cheers Wally!

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    Lovely work, Brian. I agree that the proportions of the top would have been improved if it could have been a little larger. I also think it would have looked better if the walnut on the lid was darker. Nice contrast on the legs but it doesn't look like so much on the lid. It also causes too little contrast with the keys in the corners. Or is that just the lighting in the pics?


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    It could be the lighting Ken as someone on the other forum adjusted one of my photos and adjusted the contrast and his results were pretty impressive and more accurate. After I saw his results I tried the same in Photoshop and realized that maybe I should have done the same before I posted the photos, but then are you altering (doctoring) a photo to suit your desires?


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    Default Think of it as ...

    overcoming the limitations of the camera/photographer. Kind of like using a handplane or scraper to remove the ripples caused by the jointer.

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    I agree completely with Paul. Adjusting the photo so that it accurately shows the true colors is not "doctoring". There are two things that need to be corrected for with digital camera pics. One is that the camera won't necessarily grab the right colors, especially depending upon the lighting. Two is that computer monitors don't necessarily display the colors properly even if the lighting and camera captured them properly. Doing the color correction before posting, if you have the capability, is definitely the right thing to do.


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    I did some adjustments in PhotoShop, can anyone see the difference on your monitor?




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    Yeah, the bottom one is way crisper and easier to look at. There isn't as big a color difference as the color-corrected one that was posted in the other forum.

    I just got a new LCD monitor yesterday, so I'm still messing with it to get it adjusted to my liking. I am finding it w-a-y brighter than my CRT monitor. I've got the brightness turned down to 2 (it comes with the default preset to something like 65)!! Darn near burned my eyes out when I first turned it on. But it sure lets me see the difference in sharpness between these two pics.


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