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    William Young Guest

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    I lucked out and got a real buy on an old Rockwell table saw in excellent condition. I am amazed at the construction and accuracy of this saw but back when it was made, blade guards were never heard of yet. I'm not concerned about the guard but the anti kickback part of it which leads me to think a feather board would be a good idea. I prefer to make one myself if someone could provide the instructions on how to make it and how to mount it etc. Info on factory made ones would also be helpfull. Thanks

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    Mike G. in Soo On. Guest

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    Glad to see you back Bill, please stay your info is helpfull. Mike

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    if no one can explain I will e-mail you as to how feather boards work

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    William Young Guest

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    Thanks Roman; I appreciate your expertise on forum or by email.

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    Wally Guest

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    There are adjustable featherboards available at HOT that ride in the mitre slot that are quite reasonable and here is some info on the homemade kind------


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    I like to use a spring loaded hold-down on the fence of T.S. or router table and a feather board to hold the work to the fence. Look under "router table" at the link below for instructions.

    Best Regards, Ron.

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    I think the posted pics explain it all

    Regards Roman

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