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Thread: sandblasting wood ... for carving effect

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    Default sandblasting wood ... for carving effect

    Hello all....

    i've been cutting away by an exacto-knife the rubber adhesive sheeting that has my design pasted onto the wood...

    well -- i will be sandblasting the wood with probably glass cullet... just needed some tips, advice suggestions as to how can i achieve the best carved effect....

    for example what are the best woods to use? currently i have used pine... but thinking walnut, oak and mahogany...

    thanks a lot

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    The only suggestion I have is that if you arrange the wood grain perpendicular to the face surface you will get much more relief when sandblasting, especially in some woods like fir where the darker rings are much harder than the softer rings. When sandblasting, the softer material is removed much faster than the harder material, leaving a valley and ridge appearace. I've only done this once on the sign below:

    If the wood grain is parallel to the face surface you avoid making the valleys and ridges, ending up with a much flatter surface with a matte texture.

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