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Thread: Drum sander width?

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    David in London Guest

    Default Drum sander width?

    Dear All,

    I currently have a Performax 16-32 ( ), and I have an opportunity to upgrade to a ShopPro 25 ( ). For those of you who don't know, the ShopPro is a closed both end 25" drum sander. The one I am looking at is a five year old model that has been very well cared for, and much heavier duty than the current model, for example, it is 5HP vs. the current 1.5 HP motor.

    The largest glue up I have done was 25" for a table top, but I am sure as soon as I buy this machine, I will need to flatten a 26" panel.

    What is that largest glue up most of you have done?

    Those of you with Delta 18-36 sanders, or Performax 16-32's, do you often use more than 25" of capacity? If so, what for?

    Anyone want to buy a month old Performax 16-32 with castors, infeed/outfeed tables and loads of sandpaper? Offers?



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    Gerry Wittenberg, Agassiz Guest

    Default Re: Drum sander width?

    Hi David -- Biggest glueup I've been involved with is the 38" table top I'm now involved with. Biggest sander I have is an old 4" Craftsman belt sander. I've got lots of belts and lots of time.


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    Mike King, Sherwood Park, Guest

    Default Re: Drum sander width?

    I do like Gerry too; but a 25" width is more than adequate for case sides, coffee and end tables, sofa tables, head and footboard panels, door panels- even entry door panel glueups, but not completed doors.
    Tabletops, usually 36-42" wide can be glued up in halves, Boardroom tables and large home theatre cabinet sides are the only things needing anything near 50 inches width. If you were doing one of those you'd likely be doing buildups of other means anyway, but still doing the top in sections..
    If the big machine is a bargain, sounds ok, but be careful that the extra juice doesn't just fry your paper quicker.;-)

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    Bob Turner Salmon Arm B.C Guest

    Default Re: Drum sander width?

    I find myself doing panels more and more because I prefer wood over sheet goods. It is the larger planner that I would like, which gives the luxury of gluing larger sections. On the larger glue-ups I take the panel to the local sash and door company for 10-20$. Unlike the two previous gentlemen in this thread I think 50 belt sanders tied together would make a good boat anchor for my 14' Lund.


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    Default Re: Drum sander width?

    The largest glue up 10 feet. Done in 5 two foot sections and hoping I never have to do it again.

    Im going today to look at a 3 foot thickness sander. Sanding is the one thing in woodworking that Im not thrilled about.

    Presently making a 5 x 10 foot hard maple butcher block that you need ten men and a boy to lift again done in three sections. All sections are sanded and then the final glue up the pieces are biscuitedt ensure they are glued together even. The last two joints are then scraped using a cabinet scraper and then hand sanded.

    Best Regards Roman

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    Ken - Ottawa Valley Guest

    Default Re: Drum sander width?

    I think "people" doors are the primary projects where a wider sander would be a blessing. I do maybe 10 of these doors a year and if required I take them to a larger shop for sanding.

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