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Thread: Portable Drill Stand for Hand Held Drill - Overcoming Floor Drill Press Limitations

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    Default Portable Drill Stand for Hand Held Drill - Overcoming Floor Drill Press Limitations

    Good day

    Sometimes the boards are too big to be drilled on the drill press.
    Another limit is that, you can drill only a few inches from the board edge.

    To overcome those limitations I made a small modification (improvement) to the portable drill stand and now, I can take it to the board and drill at any location I want, accurately.


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    What a great idea! I've always considered those drill stands to be nothing more than toys but you've definately shown me otherwise. I've been using a Port-Align bolted to a board achieve the same thing but it is still not as sturdy as your solution. Next time I see a drill stand at a garage sale I'm going to buy it instead of pointing and laughing.

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